Dictionary: DJ House Container

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The name DJ House Container is not just a name made up by coincidence or because it sounded good. It is a name that reflects on my DJ style and vision I have on DJ-ing. It is not in any dictionary, but that is something I’m working on. This is my definition about what the name stands for:

Dictionary: DJ House Container

More then DJ-ing

DJ House Container is about more than just DJ-ing. I’m working on many other more producer related stuff and also from a software point of view I like to be busy. With the digital era there is much more to music and DJ-ing is at the eve of change. Maybe the name House Container is one day used for a label.


The House part of the name is obvious and refers to my roots. I prefer to DJ all-round to prevent boundaries in my musical movements. New music styles are more than welcome since they can bring great new inspiration into my work. But house will always keep a special place in my heart.

House as sugar

For me House it is like what sugar is for people with a sweet tooth. I like to use it on anything and blend house with anything. For example: I prefer to wrap a lot of other tracks with a house beat. This can be with a pre-produced mashup or just live working a lot with acapellas from various music styles.


In that way I use house as a container genre, which explains partly the second part of my name. But there is more, in container is also a part of entertainer. In my opinion is DJ-ing all about entertainment. You try to give people a nice evening by entertaining them with DJ-ing.

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