Floris Verstegen (born on 26 august 1985 at Gouda) alias DJ House Container has since his childhood a big interest in audiovisual technology. Because of this it weren’t the musicians and artists but the technicians that received his attention during shows. The more buttons and technology visible, the better!
This interest in combination with a passion for music lead to some first DJ moves in 1999 and 2000. The attic became soon a studio and every now and then a party was being joined as DJ.

In 2001 Floris comes into contact with Nikita Drive-in & Disco Shows while taking a DJ Course. Quickly after that Floris joins Nikita to start DJing on the Nikita Disco Show. Ronald Willems and Hans Willems learn Floris everything they learned in their 20 years of experience. After spinning a lot of weddings, birthday parties and events it was time for a next step.

In 2003 Floris Joins the new Dance Machine On The Road show from Nikita. Teaming up with Roel Guntlisbergen and later on Mike van de Water he starts to spin on more dance oriented parties. The new show brings in combination with the other DJ’s fresh ideas and insights.
After 6 years of all-round DJing at Nikita Floris decides that it is time for a change and leaves Nikita to continue the development of his DJ career.

Begin 2007 Floris starts as resident DJ at the new opened Miller Time Café in Eindhoven. Every Saturday evening he serves out a refreshing all-round mix with the necessary influences of House. Experimenting a lot with acapellas and all kinds of combinations new ideas are born and mashup combinations being discovered while playing live.

Working almost 8 years long without an actual DJ name it is time to come up with something more than DJ Floris. After some creative thinking the name DJ House Container pops up.

Begin 2009 the Miller Time gets a new manager and the concept gets changed. The new concept changes make Floris decide to say goodbye to the Miller Time.
After a short brake Floris gets into contact with the Boston Pub via college DJ Carlo. At Friday or Saturday evening you can now find Floris spinning a nice set of R&B, House, Rock and Classics.