Studio Console Part 13

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While waiting for some critical parts to arrive there was still one thing I could do. Assemble the D-Size panels, since most of the parts for those did arrive. Since this is going to be a design studio desk, I wanted to make sure I got all the details right. So I bought pre-drilled D-Size panels and Neutrik black connectors. I decided to mount all of them behind the panel, since that looks just a little more neat and you can remove a connector without having to remove the cable from it. And of course you mount them with black bolts… right?

DIY Design Studio Console/Desk DIY Design Studio Console/Desk

That is actually a serious challenge to find descend black bolts in M3 size. After checking a number of stores I decided to go to a specialized shop. They did have very nice black bolts for me and I even could buy them individually. So, 64 bolts and nuts please. There you go, that will be €44! Ouch, I didn’t see that one coming. Apparently this was a very strong type bolt which wasn’t required for my application. So I checked out some other types, but still they remained expensive. As I said before, I was going for nice design but not against every price. So for now I’m sticking with simple metal bolts which might get a paint job.

DIY Design Studio Console/Desk

I’m still waiting for the 5 pin XLR connectors for the MIDI signals. It is too bad Neutrik doesn’t have nice D-Size 5 pin Din connectors. Actually, nobody seems to make these so I’m going with XLR and will make some adapter cables.

DIY Design Studio Console/Desk

I did forget to order a RJ-45 connector for network, so that one is still in the shopping list. For those wondering what the yellow tulip connectors are for, they are for the s/pdif signals. Normally these are orange, but Neutrik doesn’t offer these in orange, so I went with yellow which normally is used for composite video.

DIY Design Studio Console/Desk DIY Design Studio Console/Desk DIY Design Studio Console/Desk

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