Leger And Lake VS. Real 2 Real – Move it aqualight

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I had this mashup for some time on my idea list. And since that list was starting to grow a little too much it was time to workout some mashups in Ableton, starting with Leger And Lake VS. Real 2 Real.

Real 2 Real - Move it! Leger & Lake - Aqualight

I had Real 2 Real already warped and set to go because of Hit Spotting Mix 12. I completely have forgotten where the idea of this mashup came from. I could have dreamed about it, got inspired by others or maybe just the coincident of these two tracks being played after each other somewhere. Wherever the inspiration might have come from is unknown, the result is known: Move it aqualight!

Leger And Lake VS. Real 2 Real - Move It Aqualight (1916 downloads)

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