Tutorial Pioneer CDJ 2000 Auto Loop Trigger

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With the new Pioneer CDJ-2000s and Recordbox it has become far easier to create loops. But you still need to trigger the loop at the right moment, and on some occasions that can be a bit tricky. Say you have some song that needs a loop for mixing and there is only one chance to trigger the loop and let’s say that the trigger moment is also off rhythm. To make it more complicated you need to start the next song or acapella also at the same time which may be on beat or in a different way off rhythm.

You could edit the track on your pc and make the loop part of the song, but that may lack some flexibility. Besides, you probably realize you need that loop at your gig, so not time to do some waveform editing. With a little trick however, you can let the Pioneer CDJ automatically start the loop and keep looping it until you press the exit button. So you can put all your attention to mixing in the next song while the loop will automatically trigger.

  1. Make sure to put the CDJ into CDJ Jog Mode, in Vinyl mode this doesn’t work.
  2. You create the loop as you want it, with either Rekordbox or on the CDJ-2000 itself. Start the loop.
  3. Use needle search or search to get to the point where you would like to start the song and put it in pause mode instead of cue.
  4. To stop the player from stuttering the current frame put it now back into Vinyl mode again.
  5. Start the song from paused mode, mix it in and wait for it to automatically play into the loop.
  6. Mix your next track or whatever you would like to do.
Check out the tutorial movie below to see it in practice.

It is probably also possible with the CDJ-900 and other players from the Pioneer CDJ series using the search buttons. As long as it is in CDJ mode and not Vinyl mode.

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