Kesha – Tik tok mashups

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Kesha and Tik tok is not really one of my favorite tracks at the moment. I know that the rest of the world seems to love this track but I’m simply missing a good remix of this track that works out in tempo and rhythm.

Kesha - Tik tok

You can wait till someone else makes such a remix, or just start working on some mashups of your own. Yes I’m talking about multiple mashups this time. I have finished three mashups at the moment but have still some ingredients on my list left that I would like to use in combination with the Tik tok acapella.

However, there is a little trick to these mashups. They don’t use the actual Kesha – Tik tok acapella since that isn’t available, yet. I hope it will become available in the near future since I would love to re-make these mashups with the real acapella.

I used the following tracks and remixes for the mashups. Everything is made with Ableton Live. I actively used side chain compression for these mashups because: the acapella was not mastered like todays dance productions; to make the acapella swing work with the pumping beats of Chucky and Sidney Samson.

  • Chuckie – Let the bass kick (Blowup Remix)
  • Nicola Fasano & Pat-Rich – 75. Brazil Street (Original Mix)
  • Sidney Samson & Skitzofrenix – You don’t love me (Sidney Samson & Gregor Salto Remix)
Chuckie - Let the bass kick Nicola Fasano & Pat-Rich - 75. Brazil Street Sidney Samson & Skitzofrenix - You don't love me
Chuckie VS. Kesha - Let The Tik Tok Bass Kick (3222 downloads) Nicola Fasano Pat-Richm VS. Kesha - 75 Tik Tok Brazil Street (2260 downloads) Sidney Samson Skitzofrenix VS. Kesha - Tik Tok You Dont Love Me (2275 downloads)

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