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After the success of the APC 40, AKAI has a new MIDI controller ready for Ableton Live: The AKAI APC 20. Smaller than the APC 40, but still looking very functional.

AKAI Professional

Since I already own the APC 40 I’m not interested in the new APC 20. But depending on the price, the APC 20 might fit more people their budget. Although it is smaller I think it will still be a great added value and release more of Ableton Live’s potential.

AKAI APC 20 Ableton Live MIDI Controller

An idea I saw on the Ableton forum was the replacement of the faders with rotary encoders and a LED strip for feedback. I like that idea, because the faders of the APC 40 can be a pain in the ass when you have more than 8 tracks in Ableton Live and scroll horizontal with the APC 20/40. You then have to work with pick up values and that is always ugly. The rotaries would resolve this issue, just as with the device parameters and send parameters of each channel. For my usage however I do prefer faders and simply try to limit myself to 8 channels that require fader movement.

AKAI APC 20 Ableton Live MIDI Controller

I would more prefer the APC 400 or APC 4000. They have just a little more to offer for me, when Ableton Projects start to grow ;)

AKAI APC 4000 Ableton Live MIDI Controller

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