DJ House Container VS. The Energy Twisters

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NKV Nuenen organized for the third time in a row it’s successful Blind Date Tournament. During the weekend of July the 3th there was again a great opportunity for korfball players and also a great opportunity for party animals to go crazy. For the Saturday evening closing party it was The Energy Twisters VS. DJ House Container.

NKV Kofbal Nuenen

To satisfy the progressive organization they wanted something new, besides a good DJ. As a never done before and don’t try this at home thing, DJ Jordy from the Energy Twisters would play the evening with a DJ set leaving space for acapellas all over the place. Up to me to play along with acapellas that pushed the crowd even a little more further. An MC but then with acapellas, so I guess we call that an AC? They even build a tailored DJ booth for me to save dance floor space and give me a nice view.

The Energy Twisters

This was also the first live act with the new Pioneer CDJ-2000s. I was very pleased having these with me since it requires a lot of quick disc switching when doing this with CDs. The preparation is also more easily done with Rekordbox. Cue points for verses and choruses are easy set and utilized live as well as all the loops and hot cues.

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