Export Ableton Live Warp Markers to Traktor

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After writing about exporting warped tracks from Ableton Live to Pioneer Rekordbox I was planning on testing the same procedure with Traktor. I was assuming the procedure would be the same as with Pioneer Rekordbox and apply to all other DVS software applications. Seems there is a difference in accuracy between Native Instruments’ Traktor and Pioneer’s Rekordbox.

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Warped Acapella

I used the same acapella and exported wav files as I used with Rekordbox. I dragged the 3 files into Traktor and let it Analyze the tracks. To my surprise Traktor wasn’t detecting the BPM Value correct of the track with beats at the beginning and end. It was assuming a value of 104.226 where it should have been 104.000.

Traktor Beatgrid Detection

Although the beatgrid seem to match up at the end they are exactly one beat off. Apparently Traktor didn’t get a very accurate BPM value detection on the 8 beats at the beginning which resulted in this offset.

Traktor Beatgrid Correction

However, the correction is very simple. Since I know the track has a BPM value of exactly 104 you only need to type in the correct value and you’re done. The beatgrid did already line up correct at the start because of the 8 beats. So the export method with Ableton Live does also work for Traktor but needs a manual action. Maybe more beats at the start and end could solve the issue.

Traktor BPM Detection Quality

The other tracks seem to be even more lost. Where Pioneer Rekordbox was detecting the BPM value of the track with only beats at the beginning pretty close to what it should have been, 104.04 instead of 104.00, Traktor thinks it has a BPM value of over 190! The pure acapella is lost in tempo as it was also with Rekordbox.

Traktor Acapella BPM Detection Track Overview

It looks like Rekordbox has a different mechanism for detecting the BPM value. I’m not sure if it comes from Pioneer or from Mix Vibes, but it does seem to work better.

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