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A number of people have asked me to upload the Google SketchUp design, so here it is. I think there are a few notes to keep in mind when using this file.

Design Studio Console/Desk

The design file contains only the racks I used in my Studio Console/Desk. The desk/cover was designed on the fly, as well as the center 19 inch rack space and the Ikea speaker stands.

In my construction I have followed exactly all measurements from the SketchUp design, with a few exceptions:

  • The position of the wheels
  • The lighting take-outs

The height of the racks is based on exactly 14 HE. This is correct in theory but in practice an issue. I ran into this during the construction, the rack profiles didn’t fit exactly, they where just a few millimeters too tall. Also when assembling the rack with 19 inch equipment, it would be better to have those few extra millimeters. So I would suggest to add like 5 mm to the inner height of the racks.

Design Studio Console/Desk

The racks aren’t very stable on their own, only when constructed together by the desk they are solid and stable. You can solve this by using other wheels that are more close to the sides or maybe no wheels at all.

I used the following components:

Studio Console Design (2186 downloads)

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