Syncing CDJ-2000 and Ableton Live Demo Video

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As promised last week, a short demonstration video of the ProDJ Link 2 MIDI software using Ableton Live and a CDJ-2000. Courtesy of Ömer Soy.

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  • kwiateq


    I see that not only did I wonder about this case, the net can not find anything about it. Waiting for your results.
    I want to play with 2 x cdj 2000 nexus in Ableton because I care that benefit from the effects Ableton. I managed to get one cdj fire up in Ableton but two cdj also do not fail, but terribly combined connection, using external mixer send return, and unfortunately there was a delay, was the difference between one cdj and fire up 2.Udalo city August 1 + 1 cdj cdj in sync tractor ableton. Cool configurations have made on a tractor in Ableton and such a cdj attributed two knobs which I do not use a midi effect in Ableton one that was fade to gray and the second boom, cool thing, when you play a little secret that you turn the knob cdj and something will change, everyone is curious about what’s going on.
    I’m sorry for his poor English


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