Switched to WordPress

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Since the start or my website I’ve been using Joomla as content management system. Especially the first years I’ve had a lot of fun with the system and it served me well. But due to limited time and also a lack of interest I got stuck at version 1.5. Switching to the most recent version wouldn’t be simple anymore, since I missed out on a lot of major updates. The performance of Joomla has always been a week point, although that might have changed while I was missing out on the latest updates.

Not only the Joomla system was outdated, the design could also use fresh and new inspiration.

WordPress Logo

So here is the new website, powered by WordPress with a fresh design. All content has been transferred and old links are being redirected. I hope to be more active on the new website, which should be easier with WordPress. I’ve great ideas and plans, now I only have to find the time to execute them…

Oh I almost forgot it, but during the migration I discovered a news post pointing me at the fact that this is already website number 3!

DJ House Container Website 2.0