Hit Spotting Mix 2009 Week 06

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As try-out is here the first Hit Spotting mix. Partly based on the Hit Spotting posts of this week. It is a heavy house mix ranging from 128-132 BPM.

  1. Kid Cudi VS. Crookers – Day ‘n’ nite (Bingo Players Remix)
  2. Thomas Gold And Matthias Menck – Everybody be somebody (Original Club)
  3. Mowo VS. Fratty & Presti Feat Sharon May Linn – Don’t go lose it baby (Gambafreaks VS. Holly Orange Mix)
  4. Kerkez – Music is the answer (Edit)
  5. Degg & Blakker – House of tango (Original Mix)
  6. Gregor Salto – Just for fun (Original Mix)
  7. Alex Barattini – The cha cha (Original Mix)
  8. Gambafreaks – Down down down 2009 (Lori B. Vanity Kills Mix)
  9. Ventura & Surrender – Sexy sax
  10. Afro Medusa – Pasilda 2009 (House Edit)
  11. Sunrider – The bomb (These sounds fall into my mind) (Hans O. Matik Remix)
  12. Alvaro – Rock the festival (Original mix)
DJ House Container - Hit Spotting Mix 2009 Week 06 (1697 downloads)

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