Dictionary: DJ House Container

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Dictionary: DJ House Container

The name DJ House Container is not just a name made up by coincidence or because it sounded good. It is a name that reflects on my DJ style and vision I have on DJ-ing. It is not in any dictionary, but that is something I’m working on. This is my definition about what the name stands for:

Website Online

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Not everything is finished yet, but we are already online. The implementation of the website lay-out is taking up a lot of time, but that doesn’t prevent the first mashup from being published.

Ida Engberg VS. Shannon – Let the disco volante music play

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Ida Engberg - Disco volante

Ida Engberg is new for the a large part of the public. She is fresh and sexy and her Disco Volante is hitting high in the charts. I’ve played it already many times but I had some thoughts on my mind about the song, something was missing. These thoughts remained even with the remixes of the track, that don’t seem to add something that would satisfy me.