Break the silence

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It has been quiet for a few weeks while I’ve been busy with all kinds of stuff. I’ve worked hard on the migration of my server to Windows 2008 that I use for my music workflow and lots of other stuff. I’m playing around with my new set of Pioneer CDJ-2000 players which you can expect to hear more about soon, as well as the accompanying Rekordbox software.

So stay tuned for site updates…

Traktor Scratch Pro New Time Code CD

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Traktor Logo

Since the last Traktor beta I blogged about there have been a couple of updates making 1.2.4 the most current version. The updates include support for new controllers, among of them Native Instruments’ own Kontrol X1. What also has been updated is the Time Code signal for CDs with version 0.0.2.

Carnaval 2010

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Carnaval 2010

When you live in the south of the Netherlands there is no escape to Carnaval 2010. Just a few more days and the festivities will start. Streets and bars filled with people dressed up and ready to party hardy. Oh and not to forget, DJs working there ass off from way to early in the morning till… well almost the next morning.

Follow Play Timeline

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Ableton Live Logo

While working on my big Acapella session in Ableton Live I accidently pressed the key combination CTRL + F instead of something else I was trying to press. It seems that CTRL + F activates a nice feature I wasn’t aware of, called Follow play timeline.

Website Performance Boost

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Since the new template, the website performance had increased already a little bit. However, the server performance was still poor and slowing the website down. Especially when it comes to the generation of the web pages, since actual download speed has always been good with speeds of 5 MB/s. But that has changed and the website performance has had a boost.

Ableton Live Network MIDI MTC Sync

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Ableton Live MIDI Sync

In this tutorial I will describe how to make the Perfect MIDI Sync between two Ableton Live computers. I will use two Windows XP systems, but it is also possible to do this between a Windows XP and Mac OS X system. For more background information regarding MIDI Sync options and MIDI Time Code you can read my previous blog posting about this. And best of all, the MIDI Sync will be free.