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Max Linen – The Soulshaker

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Max Linen - The soulshaker

I can’t imagine vocals of a track that sound bigger and with more soul power then the sound of “The Soulshaker” from Max Linen. A British producer duo that made a huge record with this song. The space in this track is almost completely consumed by these great vocals from Keithen Carter.

Pioneer DJM-800 Limited Edition

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DJM-800 Limited Edition

Since the wide availability of blue LEDs everyone wants those cool blue colored lighting buttons in his gear. It was for me the first thing I saw on the Pioneer DVJs and also the first I saw at the VU meters of the SVM-1000 which look amazing.

I was hoping and also expecting that Pioneer would place them on the DJM-2000 but they didn’t. I think they keep the blue stuff for their video product line. Although there is now a DJM-800 Limited Edition…

Ableton Live Matrix Mixer

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From time to time I do sets with DJ friends using a multi DJ setup. If you do this with two DJs you can get the job done with two normal DJ mixers by feeding the record out of each mixer into the other. But when the number of DJs goes up the setup becomes more complex and you need a dedicated mixer for this. The best you can get is a monitor mixer that allows you to make a sub mix of all DJs for each DJ. This type of mixer is sometimes called a matrix mixer and is normally used live on stage to create a monitor mix for all the artists. These mixers are recognized by the large amount of auxilary busses they have.


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Twitter Logo

I already registered a Twitter account a while ago to sage guard my DJ name but didn’t start actually using it. But I’ve taken the time to send my first tweets and also configure the integration with the website.

Missy Elliott – 4 My People

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Missy Elliott - 4 My people

I think I can fill a whole year with acapellas from Missy Elliott. Her work is very strong and knows a lot of variety. She has for almost all moments a suitable acapella available. But all time favorite is still the acapella of her major club hit 4 My people.

Birthday DJ Poster

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Birthday DJ Poster

At my work it has become a tradition to dress up the room with birthday flags and a custom made personal birthday poster on the door. We have a few people who can get very creative and are also pretty handy with Adobe and Google.

Wildchild – Renegade Master

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Wildchild - Renegade master

Back once again… I think everyone knows what comes next. It are the famous words of the classic track Renegade Master that got remixed by Fatboy Slim and an endless list of other artists. I even have a great bootleg remix on Vinyl of it. But even the acapella alone has even become famous enough to make it to the CD map of every self respecting DJ.

Export from Ableton Live to Rekordbox

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Rekordbox Acapella: Destiny's Child - Bug a boo with 8 beats

A lot of DJs wish they could do the warping from Ableton Live also in their other favourite DJ software. For example, I would like to be able to warp acapellas in Rekordbox to have them quantized and with the correct BPM for quick and tight mixing. On the other hand you don’t want to warp the same track in multiple programs if you are using a combination of software, e.g. Ableton Live, Traktor, Rekordbox.

With a simple trick you don’t need to and can export your warped tracks from Ableton Live to Rekordbox and have Rekordbox automatically set the beat markers.