DJ Yoda from Star Wars

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DJ Yoda at the wheels of steel

Stumbled into this cool Photoshop of Yoda, the highest Jedi priest from Star Wars. I wanted to add a typical Yoda say next to the picture. With the help of Google I ran the last phrase of Indeep’s Last night a DJ saved my life through the Yoda translator:

Kesha – Tik tok mashups

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Kesha - Tik tok

Kesha and Tik tok is not really one of my favorite tracks at the moment. I know that the rest of the world seems to love this track but I’m simply missing a good remix of this track that works out in tempo and rhythm.

AKAI APC 40 VS. Xone:4D

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AKAI APC 40 MIDI Controller for Ableton Live

A nice battle between the Akai APC 40 and the Xone:4D as MIDI controllers for Ableton Live. It was today DJ House Container VS. OverSoft in a House Acapella session. We both did a little bit of preparation for a nice Ableton Live set and off we went.